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Book Synopsis:

The book is about the author's personal struggle with psoriasis for over 20 years and what was discovered that was able to keep him virtually totally clear for over 30 years now. It includes all the information that was found through his own personal experiences, the personal research and experimentation, during that time, in dealing with having psoriasis. It also goes into detail about the other medications that are currently available to treat it. It describes what was finally found that did really work and enabled the author to become virtually totally clear and stay clear to this day.

It describes what happened during the period of time that the author suffered from treatment after treatment that didn't ever really work, as you are probably going through now. It is the story, in detail, of what was found that worked and worked effectively and consistently to clear the author's psoriasis. It is a first-hand description of the author's journey through the hell that this devastating affliction causes.

The information in the book is also very relevant for those who may suffer from eczema and other related chronic skin disorders. It is the author's wish and hope for you that this book and the information in it can possibly change your life in the way that it has completely and totally changed his.

Ross Gambril is a commercial real estate developer, general contractor and ex-hotelier who has suffered from psoriasis since the age of 18, not just a medical professional who has only observed others who have the condition.

For the first 20 years he, like all of you, tried treatment and drug after treatment and drug, all with no real, long-lasting results. He finally became clear after 20 years of struggle and has remained clear to this day.

When he was first clear of his psoriasis for about 3 years, he wrote a small pamphlet and sent it to those who, like him and you, were looking for an answer, a way to finally find lasting relief. In the years since then, he didn’t say much about it to anyone because, like you, he didn’t see the need to talk about his psoriasis. He did, however, experiment and research the affliction, for the next 30 years, as he stayed virtually totally clear of any outward signs of having it.

He then decided that he should write about his experiences and findings, all the good, the bad and the ugly that he had found out about both psoriasis and eczema, which are closely related, during that period of time. He has no medical training nor any medical background. He is just someone who has suffered from this devastating affliction and found out what worked to keep himself clear and totally stabilize the condition for over 32 years.

Knowing that there is so much varying information and treatment suggestions out, he decided to share what he found to be true and work. He has also done extensive research to find his way through all the conflicting theories and studies that have been conducted about psoriasis, everything that keeps us all in limbo about what works and what doesn’t.

It is this information that he has written about, to share with those of you who are looking for an answer. Hopefully, his book will do that for you. It has changed his life and his hopes are that the book will do that for you.

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