severe eczema on hands

There are more than 153 medications currently available to treat Eczema, which is very similar to Psoriasis. Some are available Over the Counter (OTC), most are available only through prescription (Rx). Some are available both ways. There are topical ointments, gels and creams. There are shampoos. There are medications taken orally, like Psorclear. There are medications that are taken through injection. Some require strict monitoring, some require no monitoring at all. They all offer varying degrees of relief, some with virtually none and some that merely help relieve the itching and reduce the redness, which does not treat the problem at all. All have some types of side effects, ranging from minor irritation, to very serious side effects. Some have been developed and are used to treat both Eczema and Psoriasis. Some, virtually all the biologics, are immuno-suppressant that can have severe potential side effects.

The success rates for these drugs are from 30% to 70% and the level of clarity achieved is, at best 80%. Such is not the case with Psorclear. For those who have used the dosage reported to be most effective of one capsule per each 50 lbs of body weight daily and have taken it for the period of time that is known for it to have a clearing effect, 2-3 months, the success rate is about 90%.

PSORCLEAR is a totally natural mineral compound, with no major or life threatening side effects.

The other currently available medications are:

Absent from this list are the many the Over-the-Counter Medications, homeopathic remedies and “supposed cures” that are available without prescription. It is not known how many of those exist.

Aclovate Rx
Ala-Cort Rx/OTC
Ala-Quin Rx
Ala-Scalp Rx/OTC
Ala-Scalp HP Rx/OTC
alclometasone Rx
Alcortin A Rx
aloe polysaccharides / iodoquinol Rx
aloe vera / hydrocortisone / iodoquinol Rx
Aloquin Rx
amcinonide Rx
ammonium lactate / halobetasol Rx
ammonium lactate / urea Rx/OTC
Apexicon Rx
ApexiCon E Rx
Aquanil HC Rx/OTC
Aristocort A Rx
Aristocort R Rx
Beser Rx
Beta HC Rx/OTC
Bioelements Immediate Comfort Rx/OTC
Caldecort Rx/OTC
Capex Rx/OTC
Carb-O-Lac HP Rx/OTC
Carb-O-Lac5 Rx/OTC
Cetacort Rx/OTC
Cinolar Rx
clioquinol / hydrocortisone Rx
clobetasol Rx
Clobevate Rx
Clobex Rx
clocortolone Rx
Clodan Rx
Cloderm Rx
Cordran Rx
Cordran SP Rx
Cordran Tape Rx

Cormax Rx
Cormax Scalp Rx
Cortaid Rx/OTC
Corticaine Rx/OTC
Cortizone-10 Rx/OTC
Cortizone-5 Rx/OTC
Cotacort Rx/OTC
Cutivate Rx
Cyclocort Rx
DermacinRx Silazone Rx
DermacinRx Trizapak Rx
Dermarest Plus Anti-Itch Rx/OTC
Derma-Smoothe / FS Rx/OTC
Derma-Smoothe / FS (Body Oil) Rx/OTC
Derma-Smoothe / FS (Scalp) Rx/OTC
Dermasorb HC Rx/OTC
Dermasorb TA Rx
Dermatop Rx
Dermazene Rx
DermOtic Oil Rx
Dermovate Rx
Dermtex HC Rx/OTC
Desonate Rx
De-Sone LA Rx
desonide Rx
DesOwen Rx
desoximetasone Rx
dexamethasone Rx
Dexamethasone Intensol Rx
Dexpak Taperpak Rx
diflorasone Rx
doxepin Rx
dupilumab Rx
Dupixent Rx
Dxevo Rx
Elidel Rx
Elocon Rx

Embeline Rx
Embeline E Rx
Flac Rx
fluocinolone Rx
fluocinonide Rx
Fluocinonide-E Rx
flurandrenolide Rx
Flurosyn Rx/OTC
fluticasone Rx
Gly-Cort Rx/OTC
halcinonide Rx
halobetasol Rx
Halog Rx
Halog-E Rx
Halonate Rx
HiDex Rx
hydrocortisone Rx/OTC
hydrocortisone / iodoquinol Rx
Hytone Rx/OTC
Instacort Rx/OTC
Itch-X Lotion Rx/OTC
Juulissa Pharmapak Rx
Kenalog Rx
Kerasal Ultra 20 Rx/OTC
Keratol HC Rx/OTC
Lacticare-HC Rx/OTC
Locoid Rx/OTC
Locoid Lipocream Rx/OTC
LoKara Rx
Maxiflor Rx
mometasone Rx
Nolix Rx
NuCort Rx/OTC
Nutracort Rx/OTC
Olux Rx
Olux / Olux-E Kit Rx
Olux-E Rx

Oralone Rx
Pandel Rx/OTC
Pediaderm HC Rx/OTC
Pediaderm TA Rx
pimecrolimus Rx
prednicarbate Rx
prednisone Rx
Prudoxin Rx
Quinja Rx
R A Acne Rx/OTC
Recort Plus Rx/OTC
Resinol Rx/OTC
resorcinol Rx/OTC
Sarnol-HC Rx/OTC
Scalacort Rx/OTC
Scalp-Cort Rx/OTC
SilaLite Pak Rx
Synalar Rx/OTC
Synalar Ointment Rx/OTC
Temovate Rx
Temovate E Rx
Texacort Rx/OTC
Topicort Rx
Tovet Foam Rx
Treziopak Rx
triamcinolone Rx
Trianex Rx
Triderm Rx
U-Cort Rx/OTC
Ultralytic Rx/OTC
Ultralytic 2 Rx/OTC
Ultravate Rx
Vanos Rx
Verdeso Rx
Vytone Rx
Westcort Rx/OTC
Zonalon Rx