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Psorclear is manufactured with FDA approved common mineral compounds in accordance with 21CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) as applicable to dietary supplements that are available over the counter, without prescription. The minerals used to formulate Psorclear are designated by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). The FDA only certifies prescription drugs and medications, not products available over the counter. They do have labeling and product testing requirements that must be followed and Psorclear is produced under strict FDA specified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements.  Psorclear is also, as required, independently laboratory tested.

Unfortunately no. There is no cure for either, just treatments to relieve the symptoms.  PSORCLEAR is a product that was specifically created to treat the cause, not just the visual effects of the disease, as has been determined in several published clinical studies. Since many abnormal skin conditions, as well as psoriasis and eczema are incurable, like with other products and medications available to treat it, you will need to continue to take it until you feel that you are clear enough to stop. Should it reoccur, you will have to take it again to relieve it or, you may be able to reduce the daily dosage to maintain the clearing effect. It’s definitely not a quick fix or cure but rather a replenishment of the minerals that are required for normal skin, development and health of body tissues . Many seem to think, when they start seeing results that they have never seen before, that it’s gone. Unfortunately, until a cure is found, we will always have it. PSORCLEAR is the most effective product available without a prescription for the treatment of abnormal skin conditions, including psoriasis and eczema that will continue to work consistently.

PSORCLEAR is a product that has been formulated to replenish your body with the minerals that your body is deficient of, not just to treat the outward symptoms. It replenishes your body with minerals that are incredibly important to normal skin, as well as help to prop up the body’s immune system. This mineral deficiency has been determined to be common in those with many other skin afflictions, not just Psoriasis and Eczema and has been reported in many published clinical studies. If PSORCLEAR is used regularly, it will clear the outward signs of both psoriasis and eczema, as well as other abnormal skin conditions and will continue to do so. As you know only too well, most other medications only work for a period of time, until your body builds up a resistance to it and then you have to switch to another. It is not uncommon for a flare up to occur once the medication stops working. That is NOT the case with PSORCLEAR. It will continue to be effective and replenish the minerals that are required for normal skin.

The amount taken, which has been found to have a substantial effect on the reduction by those who have taken it, and in most cases, the elimination of the visual effects of both Psoriasis and Eczema is one capsule for each 50 lbs of body weight taken daily. Lesser dosages may be required to treat Eczema and other skin afflictions. The dosage may vary from person to person and it is best taken with food, to help reduce the likelihood of experiencing any of the possible side effects mentioned below.  PSORCLEAR was specifically produced in capsule form so that the capsules can be split apart and the contents mixed with either food or drink, for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets. It is also possible to split the dosage and take part in the morning and in rest in the evening, again with food. There are no substantial studies that have ever been undertaken regarding the effect of zinc on psoriasis or eczema but, it has long been commonly known that zinc is a major element necessary for normal skin, the exact opposite of the abnormal skin caused by both Psoriasis and Eczema. There are many differing opinions of what is a dosage of zinc that is too much and possibly toxic, none of which have been substantiated by any clinical testing. Those opinions range from 225 to 300 mg of elemental (pure) zinc per day. To reach this amount, you would need to take 9 – 12 capsules per day, well above the recommended maximum dosage amount of six. The dosage of PSORCLEAR reported to be effective is well below these levels. Taking 100 mg, or more, of zinc is quite commonplace. The possible side effects that are indicated below are not physically harming, merely a possible discomfort.

It is very likely that you will need to continue taking it. It is a treatment and, like with any treatment for an incurable affliction, it you must continue to take it for it to have effect. If you just take it until you see results and then stop, there is a very good possibility, like with any product or medication for the treatment of psoriasis, it may flare back up. After you are confident that it is under control, at that time you can possibly take a lesser maintenance amount daily to keep it under control. Once it clears, you can possibly discontinue taking it however, it is possible that the outward signs will reappear. At that time, should you choose, you would just start taking Psorclear again, until the symptoms subside.

While there are, like with virtually all medications of every kind, some possible side effects from taking large dosages, which are required to relieve and eliminate the effects of Psoriasis, Eczema and other skin abnormalities which may occur. Those side effects, while minor, may occur and are mild digestive upset and possibly diarrhea. It is not physically harmful but, rather is very important to your immune system and helps promote normal body function. It is also thought that there may be a depletion of copper in the system, due to taking large doses of zinc. It is for that purpose that copper is added to the formulation. Copper aids the absorption of both zinc and iron in your system, which are the two most prominent minerals in your body. Copper is also the primary nutrient for blood cells.

The side effects of zinc are, for the most part, not from the zinc itself but, rather from the amount and type of the fillers used to produce zinc in tablet form. PSORCLEAR was specifically formulated and made in capsule form to help minimize and, in most cases, eliminate the possibility of any of the side effects from occurring. It was also formulated in capsule form so that those who have difficulty taking pills can open and mix the contents with either food or drink. There is one welcome side effect from taking zinc. Your ability to catch colds is virtually eliminated.

These possible side effects are miniscule compared to the benefits of zinc as a treatment for Psoriasis.

The formulation of PSORCLEAR uses a chelated zinc ion compound that is well known to be very important for development and health of body tissues and a chelated copper ion compound to aid absorption and to aid in any potential loss of copper in the body. It is also very important to note that zinc is one mineral that the body does not store but, needs constant replenishment. This combined compound is completely water soluble, which means that the body will only use what is needed to maintain adequate mineral levels and will discharge any which is not used. This makes the possibility of what might be considered an overdose due to large consumption extremely unlikely.

PSORCLEAR works effectively and consistently for scalp, fingernail and toenail psoriasis, the two most difficult types to deal with and treat. It will take from 2-3 months before it is substantially reduced, especially in the case of both scalp, fingernail and toenail psoriasis. Both fingernail and toenail psoriasis will actually take longer, since they have to grow back out. Psoriasis, as you well know, is open sores, due to the incredibly fast skin reproduction. Since you’re reading this paragraph, you must have scalp psoriasis too. These types of psoriasis are the hardest to get rid of and will take the longest. With scalp psoriasis, it is very important that you should not use any conditioner and only use very mild shampoos. The ones that seem to work the best and are the least irritating have salicylic acid in them, not coal tar. Most of what’s out will irritate your psoriasis and not help with the relief. Almost all of the shampoos and conditioners that are on the market have chemicals in them that seriously aggravate scalp psoriasis. While a lot of them are supposed to be good for your hair, they can be devastating to the scalp of someone with scalp psoriasis. As we said above, psoriasis is basically open sores, due to the incredibly fast skin reproduction that creates the scaling.

It has been reported by those who suffer from psoriatic arthritis, that PSORCLEAR has been helpful in reducing the pain and inflammation and they do, in many cases, see substantial improvement. The exact amount of relief is not known, other than what has been reported by those who do suffer from it. About 2% of all those who have psoriasis suffer from this painful condition.

The creator of PSORCLEAR was covered over 85%, virtually everywhere, for almost 20 years and had tried just about everything and was paying an incredible amount of money each month, with no long term relief. Everything that was used only worked, if it did at all, for only a short time, until the body built up a resistance to the medication. Then it stopped and something else had to be found. This was, as you know, a never ending process. Finally, a friend who was a genetic researcher suggested what to use. It was created and used. It really worked and, not like the other stuff out, it worked effectively and consistently and still does after several years of use.

There was never another visit made to the dermatologist after 90 days of using it and not to this day. It was only after all the new advertising came out for all the new (?) prescription medications that it was decided to package what is now Psorclear and put it out for everyone who suffers from this devastating affliction. PSORCLEAR has been effective for over 90% of those who have used it.

PSORCLEAR is safe for kids however the reported, effective dosage is one capsule per 50 lbs. of body weight. Because of that, it would most likely be appropriate for a child weighing at least 50 lbs. or more. Splitting a capsule and getting a proper measurement for someone under that weight is somewhat impractical. We would suggest that you check with your medical adviser before giving PSORCLEAR to anyone under that weight. It is a mineral supplement, not a drug and PSORCLEAR is formulated as a water soluble compound. Because of that, any amount of zinc that is not needed in the body will be discharged.

For most, the regression of both Psoriasis and Eczema, as well as Rosacea occur as follows; (1) Within the first few weeks, the itching will subside, (2) The amount of body coverage will then gradually begin to decrease and (3) By about 60 to 90 days from the start of taking PSORCLEAR most, if not all, of the outward indications of the diseases will dissipate to the point that the sufferer will be the only one to know that it still exists, depending the severity of what you have. It does take a bit longer for the warping and discoloration of nail Psoriasis to subside as well as to treat scalp Psoriasis. It has been reported that virtually all forms of Psoriasis and Eczema, including Psoriatic Arthritis are substantially, if not fully diminished.

In most cases, those who do not experience relief in a manner that they expect are those who either, treat PSORCLEAR as a medicine, like a prescription medication and expect quick results or, those who don’t take it long enough or, don’t take the amount that has been reported to be the most effective. As we have told everyone, PSORCLEAR is not a drug or a new miraculous cure. It is merely the brand name for a mineral supplement that has been specifically formulated to reduce or eliminate and of the known possible side effects of digestive upset or possible diarrhea. There is no cure for either psoriasis or eczema, as we all know. PSORCLEAR is a common mineral supplement that’s been known to be required for normal skin growth and regeneration. It supplements the mineral deficiency that those who have both psoriasis and eczema have and one of the main reasons we suffer from those afflictions.

As we said above, both psoriasis and eczema are from a mineral deficiency in your body. Zinc is clinically known to be essential for the normal growth and regeneration of your skin. It is not a quick fix but, rather a product that is an effective and consistent treatment for both psoriasis and eczema, as well as some other abnormal skin conditions. It takes time for your body to build the minerals back up in your system before it can start to have an effect on reducing the itching, redness and, in the case of psoriasis, the scaling. Once you have replenished your body with the minerals needed, the clearing will begin to occur in most cases, to the point only you know you still have it.

There are currently over 224 prescription medications available for the treatment of psoriasis and about 153 prescription medications out for the treatment of eczema. Most of them will take several months, if at all, for any substantial improvement to occur. Also, all any of these do is treat the outward symptoms, not the underlying cause. Most will work for a period of time, until your body builds up a resistance to the medication, then it will most likely stop working. In many cases, when it does stop working, your condition will flare up worse than when you started using it. It’s usually just a matter of time. Then you will have to find something else. That is not the case with Psorclear. It replenishes the minerals that are deficient in your body and clinically known to be required for normal skin growth and regeneration. The primary reason you have it.

No. The reason is simple. Everyone is different, as we all know. The amount of the mineral deficiency, the size and weight of a person, as well as the BMI (Body Mass Index) of a person or other underlying medical conditions may also have an effect on how much relief is achieved and the length of time it takes for Psorclear to have an effect. Basically, the larger you are, the more you would need to take and it may take a longer time to see results. Some have seen a substantial improvement in just days, some take longer. As we have said, it can take 2-3 months before substantial improvement occurs.

That’s simple. With regular zinc tablets, there are many different types of fillers used to create the tablets. Those fillers, in many cases, my cause an allergic reaction or cause serious digestive upset. It is generally the filler, not the zinc that creates the reaction. Also, there are many who have problems with taking pills. PSORCLEAR has been formulated with no filler and in capsule form to help substantially reduce or eliminate any possible occurrence of experiencing the unwanted side effects. You can also break apart the capsules and mix them with either food or drink and to make them easier to take.

PSORCLEAR contains NONE of the following allergens: Yeast, wheat, gluten, soy protein, milk or dairy products, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial coloring, preservatives, flavoring, lactose, nuts or nut by-products or caffeine. PSORCLEAR has been effective for over 90% of those who have used it.


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